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Bilingual Hindi-English Childrens Books

Written By Neha Shah

Meet Our Top Customers

This is such a cute story about Buckley, the dog. For any bilingual kids, this is a great book that teaches young readers a new language with simple, easy to pick up words. The color coordinated text lend to easy association between English and Hindi. Highly recommend for South Asian families with young kids!

I love this book! It’s exactly what I was searching for! I like that I can read in English or in Hindi- it’s especially helpful that the Hindi is written in English letters as I am unable to read Hindi script! Perfect for the bilingual family ❤️

This is such a cute book for kids to begin learning Hindi or Urdu. The story is easy and fun for kids to understand and the words are color coded for easy language learning. Plus the illustrations are beautiful! But it’s not just for kids! My husband, who does not speak Hindi, has already been using it to help learn some new words and phrases. Can’t wait for a sequel so I can start collecting these!

We got this book yesterday, and have already read Meet Buckley 10 times. The kids just cannot stop reading and asking questions.

I got this book as a present for my niece but it turns out I enjoyed it so much that we ended up keeping it. Ha! It's a sweet story - especially for dog lovers - but it also has a ton of useful Hindi vocabulary that I could practice. The color coding was particularly helpful to make sense of which word means what.

I have been recommending the book to all my Hindi/English speaking friends with kids!

My son does not speak any Hindi at-home. My husband and I are fluent native speakers, but because he does not learn it at school, or have many others to speak with - he does not feel comfortable speaking with us in Hindi. I couldnt believe how he was able to pick up even the difficult Hindi words so easily with this book. The transliteration really helps - hope he will be comfortable in speaking in Hindi more now.