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A bilingual Hindi-English picture book for children who love to read and love dogs! Kya aap Buckley sey millay hay? Have you met Buckley yet? 


Author Neha Shah did not grow up with pets, but fell in love instantly with her now-husband’s dog Buckley. Neha loves reading to her many nieces and nephews. On a recent trip to India, Neha was unable to find bilingual Hindi-English books that her nieces and nephews could read with their parents (some of whom know little-to-no Hindi). This inspired her to create a children’s book that could help them become familiar with basic Hindi words -- without feeling intimidated or embarrassed about them not fully knowing the Hindi Devnagiri script. 

Author Neha Shah with the Two Buckley Books 

Using color-coded learning techniques and thoughtful Hindi transliteration, this bilingual book is a must-have for all multicultural, multilingual families. Each book has been reviewed by teachers, educators and thoughtfully designed to inspire a love for learning Hindi, no matter where the learner is in their journey. 

Neha grew up in India, the Middle East, and the US. Growing up in different countries and in different cultures gave her a unique perspective and understanding on how to navigate language learning without full immersion. She is fluent in English and Hindi, and has translated professionally. She also learned Sanskrit and Arabic in middle school. She is currently learning Gujarati, Spanish, and re-learning Arabic.

When not writing the next Buckley book, Neha is working on building kid-friendly tech products, running outside (with Buckley), or spending time with her extended family of nieces and nephews.